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SME Gala 2014 from RDÉE Ontario
Retail Company

Gala of Excellence 2017 of Prescott-Russell
Retail Business Award
This award is given to recognize the importance of retail businesses in our economy. It is granted to a business that has distinguished itself in retail, product quality, product variety, after-sales service, customer service, good management and business growth. Identification of needs, innovative products, job creation, annual growth, be member of an association, partnership creation are also part of the recognition.

Gala of Excellence 2017
Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Christine Bonneau-O’Neill)
This award is given to recognize entrepreneurship through perseverance, excellence in work, commitment, creativity and visionary. Must be owner, partner or shareholder who holds at least 51% or more of a business. All businesses are eligible regardless of the sector of activity.

Ontario Finest Meat Competition 2017
Platinum Award for our KIELBASA

Gala of Excellence 2019 of Prescott-Russell
Agri-food Business Award
Recognizes businesses that works in the production of (fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, etc), the breeding/reproduction/transformation of (meat, fibre, dairy products, etc), the harvest of agricultural products and food.

Ontario Finest Meat Competition 2019
Silver Award for our KIELBASA

Gala of Excellence 2022 of Prescott-Russell
Retail Business Award
Agri-food Business Award
Excellence Award

Ontario Finest Meat Competition 2022
Platinum Award for our sausage The Mysterious
Gold Award
for our KIELBASA

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